Monday, June 20, 2011

It’s Raining

Man, With all these showers I should Lay back down.  I’m not thought. I want to blog about something. A number of things. Some things i don’t know how to approach right now. But nothing big. therefore I have Live Writer open and ready to post.

I told my folks about the trip
And I got and unsupportive reaction out of them. mainly my dad. It’s not like they can stop me from going though. my mom was more concerned with expenses even though i told her that it’s already paid for.  My dad didn’t even bother to listen. he just started saying a bunch of dumb stuff about The Turmoil going on there & being in the military and even after i told him the reason he asked why, for what reason.   What Kind of stuff is that?!

On my part I need to find a job Quick, Part time, Full time whatever so I can work up about $3000 to get some times for myself.  I’m not bringing that much with me, it’s just to get things for myself to make my trip one worth while. Got to make it happen. because I’m tired of being told I can’t do. even if it is direct. Nobody gets this kind of opportunity

It’s not raining anymore…

Note From The Book

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