Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just got that 1 Terabyte External

I went to get an external Hard drive tonight to transfer my Videos. I only have about 265GB of Videos. but that’s basically half of my Current 500gb hard drive. I saw the 1TB hard drives for $99 Bucks. So i Took a chance to get it. Before than… it came up to be $86   I’m good with that!

I’m Now Transferring Video files from one hard drive to the other. I think I'm going to do both  Video files and video related files. to hold my core collection of work, DVD ISO’s and other projects. I’ll see how that works out.


As you can see…. TIME!

“Josh Laptop” is actually a folder on my external lol the other name is the name of my external yep.

Gotta make it happen.

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