Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Shame Shame Shame

Yesterday After the coming home from the Trip. My brother went to his home only to find that it was burglarized. They took his TV, Laptop and a photo of my deceased grandpa. what was left over was a skirt. who could have done it? well it’s likely a male and a female.  This all made me question who could have done it.  We may not know who. yet we just may know. based on the fact that  they took a photo of my grandpa amongst the 2 electronic things. That’s the kind of thing that hurts. yet it’s also STUPID.

It makes us feel like a relative did it…. They came through a window and just grabbed the quickest thing they can find. they also may have been looking for money. They went thru his drawers only to find clothes.. Now My Brother will likely Move out of that area because of it… It’s crazy because before Christmas my sisters TV’s Laptop’s were stolen.   I also just heard about another recent robbery which happened in Metairie.. It’s sad man..

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