Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Going On that trip made me realize that something that i got upset about a month ago should not have mattered at all. because from the get go I knew I was going on the trip to Orlando. at the same time. my assumptions were incorrect and i went babbling like crazy..  Also..  The Event didn't happen. I thought it was funny to answer emails  telling folks that the battles have been canceled… They went NUTS!

I think I’m going to chill for the remainder of the night. change my sheets and lay down… But before that I must tell you why I was aggravated. 

Basically the whole time my older brother reminding me that i don't have a job  or cant drive by bringing it up in various forms. whether it be about Life, fun.. anything to ruin my time out there… aside from that he just wants to know everything i do and tell me about everything that i may end doing that isn’t a real job…   I know what I want to do with my life. I just need a job to keep me grounded right now.   it had nothing to do with conversations we were having throughout the trip.    It doesn’t get to me, but i think it’s inappropriate to do while vacationing out of state..  The sad part is that he also did it to my niece and my sister..  he says he was aggravated by us but he was the one causing all of his own issues.  shame..

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