Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back In The N.O.

We left Florida early this morning, stopped a few times and even ate at whataburger prior to getting here. it was a packed ride but it was better than going! sometime between last night and tonight I had an one small issue .. GAS.. yep I was blowing up during the whole ride back… LOL

Aside from that I bruised my arm and rib area while falling on a slide at a the Wet N' Wild water park. Hurts…. It’s crazy though. Altogether we have over 600 pictures too. Hopefully I’ll sleep it off tonight.

During the Trip. I had minor issues of being aggravated but they weren’t all that big.. at least not to speak on now. Overall, it one of the best trips I had ever been on…. Now it’s time to allow the healing process to begin! ..LOL

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