Friday, June 17, 2011

Sound Travels Where the Wind Takes It

Some dude got mad at me for saying that on YouTube. It all started out with folks accusing me of Turning down the volume of my videos.  Why would I do that?  I had to explain to these cats that The band is either not playing with enough power to cut thru the currents of the wind. Nor were they as close as the band near by me.

they dont realize that When Recording , These cameras mic will pick up the sound closest it, Any sound in the distance would be slightly decreased based on location and how the wind levels are. I was not standing near by this band, I was across the field from them. of course they wont be as loud.

They were wondering why the second song they played wasn’t as loud as the first.  I explained that their band wasn’t putting enough work to produce a sound at the same level of intensity as the tunes both before and after. that’s clearly why the songs was lower. Frequency Green Figure Rhythm

aside from that One one tune, the crowd is rowdy due to what was going on during the game..  on another tune, the drummers behind me were playing..  Those things matter. it’s not much i can do about capturing sound at an equal rate. no mater where I'm standing. The only way would have been Mid-field. yet there’s a game going on i cant stand it the middle

The dude was like “how stupid do you sound” .. I'm like dude go take a quantum physics course…  We’re dealing with Frequency Levels of sound and wind vs. Acoustics of a stadium maybe not as much of the acoustics being that the stadium is open yet due to its shape i can say that. because on my end you can clearly hear an echoed sound out of the band i was standing by..

Folks Miss-judge the work i do because they can’t do it.  and the sad part about it the cats who said it were young and probably don’t know anything about anything…

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