Monday, July 18, 2011

NOW I KNOW! | Raw Files Have Their Pros!

After analyzing the files in RAW, I realize that after Converting them to Jpeg that The quality was changed to what Jpeg can handle in color depth and some other things. The Raw File’s Quality was greater but there was no way to edit it.  I myself being dumb had a trial and error moment trying to find files that could convert the RAW files or CR2/CRW files as well as view them in Windows.

I’ve both Installed and uninstalled converters  only to find that the software that came with the camera had was able to convert the file.  Otherwise my editing would have been limited to just those canon programs.  Now that I’ve gotten it right. I’m good.  I still will likely shoot in Jpeg due to  the fact that what I shoot is constantly moving and the number of shots matter just as much as the quality.

My Raw Files now sit unedited which is a great thing. now all I need to do is remove a plug in that was technically unnecessary.  I hope they like the pics.. That’s all I have to say to that.

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