Monday, July 18, 2011

Well Hey, It’s Practice anyway, Right?

After Fooling around with  I see that  I’ll have to figure some things out and eventually get these shots as I want them. aside from I don’t care for editing photos because I like them mainly in their natural state. otherwise you’re giving somebody a phony product. and after experiencing with with crazy edits in the past. I know my best bet is to stick to the natural light. with minor enhancements if really needed.

I’ve gotten some mixed reviews so far. and I’m good with that because in due time I’ll be great at this. For Me,  With each shot I learn something new. It’s more to it than taking a picture of something or someone. in my mind its about capturing the nature of what ever it is I’m shooting.   My goal is to make you feel it… I want you to live or relive the moment.. I won’t be 100% happy with my own photography until I feel like I’m feeding the viewer something that they love.

I talked to my buddy Ashley yesterday, telling her that I don’t necessarily have an eye for photographic moments or photogenic subjects. but I do have an idea of what works for me and what people who understand the subject may like.

The Learning Process Never Ends…

Note From The Book

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