Sunday, August 28, 2011

And That’s why I can’t Trust’em

Funny How a I talked This chick about it at the end of the month and turns out he’s right in her face and she’s allowed him to enter her life. he made sure he was going to get it too by asking repetitively.  The Irony of it all was the fact that he heard it out of my sister. then I turn around and see this as it relates to the same date. 

I find it disturbing that she’d even give her number to him. i don’t care what kind of offers he’s making.  .. The Irony of THAT is the situation i didn't know I was in around this time of the year when we were “together” .. Dah Well.  Life goes on.

I’ve let that go, yet it’s the nature of being. I’m telling this girl stuff, and yet he’s technically  right there trying to take advantage an opportunity that he missed long ago.
yet this dude is trying to get with my sister too? wow… Yeah i still care about my ex. but dang… I once again realize why I can’t go back. My level of trust in her on that level has eroded. I’ll still talk to her because she’s cool. but dang chick… you know that dude aint got it all… it could have been anybody but him…  But Like i said…

Cant put anything past’em these days..

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