Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene 6 years to the dates of Katrina

As the east coast takes a beating from Irene, in this house We’re once again discussing Katrina.  Part of it has to do with Similarities of the Strength and size of the storm. Others have to do with it’s impact and level of preparedness as far as safety measures are concerned,

I’ve watched the news and saw how they were evacuating millions from coastal New York to places so far in.  I thought to myself Where will everyone go. Folks in the north have to move south. yet the hurricane is coming from the south.  now being that its on land that makes it worse for evacuee's. Honestly,  I haven’t seen much about the Carolina’s until this morning  My TV is off though now. 

Memories of Katrina Will not die because it represents a level of change of procedures in regard to how we handle situations of that magnitude. yet since then even up till now. Floods, tornados and quakes and wildfires have been cutting through The states like crazy.  I just hope and pray for the best to the people that are victims of these disasters.

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