Monday, August 01, 2011

The Demolition Has Begun and the Tradition Keeps Moving

imageToday The it was reported on the news that The Building that Housed  My Alma Mater JFK High School was being Demolished. Obviously they don’t know what to do with the property. My thoughts would be to build another school. Other folks want adult Recreation.  The only reason I say build another school is because The School has an Alumni and Fan Following that has never lost touch of what the school gave to them.

The Tradition lives on through the many class reunions that take place every year. Maybe Neighbors have complained about the site being a nuisance now and their glad to see it go. But even when it was open that complaint was still there. With that said, I strongly believe A school should remain onsite and built to house over 1500 kids with State of the art facilities that can house it’s Extracurricular Activities and programs such as Band, Auxiliaries & Sports.

Why so large? because we had over 1500 Students and the school that was only supposed to facilitate up to 1000 students. I mean hey, there was actually a seat in the auditorium for the amount of students it was supposed to hold.

With That said. In Wake of the schools demolition.  Apparently Today there was a meeting to reemerge the JFK Alumni Band. I was not in attendance but I was informed that practice will begin Next week.  I could only guess the reasons of the Return. But all in all it’s a good thing.

Hopefully this band will help influence the city and the school systems to Keep JFK High School and not just a school. I hope to make the practices because this needs to happen!.  and I’ll be on a horn!

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