Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Oh Well, At Least I Was Right….

In Light of all of Doom. I’ve come to a conclusion of the few Masterminds behind the posters. Knowing their posting patterns and general presence. I think it’s funny that they’d do that to me.  At the end of the day. I really think it’s funny because it’s almost stating how you really feel. yet having to hide in order to do it.. I think it’s even funnier that they just wouldn’t come at me like that themselves.  Other than that. It’s All good on my part. because at the end of the day. I’m of Value to their wellbeing

In another subject…

I sent a letter to a member of Dee Dee, simply because I felt that it was needed. I honestly wasn’t sure if she thought i was coming at her personally about the situation being discussed in the thread.   Being that she did Take aim at a Dancers, I came to that dancers defense trying to be as general as possible. but I don’t know how it came across to her so I just needed to clear my name and let her know that i didn’t mean it in a personal way.

I Guess I’m good at it

I recently did a cut & paste  “Text Design” shirt for a friend of mind who teaches dance classes. The designs are pretty simple. i basically cut and paste her own logo on to a shirt, adding what she wants written. Nothing fancy. she’s willing to pay me but I don’t charge her.  I mean hey I'm good for now.  Maybe if it’s something bigger. I’ll go ahead charge her.

Which Breaks me to This Below…

Considering My Generosity

Folks Tend to Ignore me what I Need something from them.  I.E. Yesterday I missed a phone call from some one who was likely going to need my assistance.  I sent him a text asking him for the equipment I let him borrow… Now Almost a Year ago.. He has yet to return my Stuff…  I really am not worried about it. but now I’m in a situation where i Need the equipment and don’t have it.  …….So I asked and got No Response…… That’s It..   Shame..

Looks All Official

The JFK Alumni Band Practices are underway begining next week I’m Excited, but i might end up actually recording rather than playing.. But I gotta rip it up one last time like a soldier… Hail Alma Mater!

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