Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally got It working.

After Switching out that bad hard drive I put in an unused hard drive complete with a bad version of windows vista. After failed formatting attempts I made it my duty to install My copy of Windows 7 x32 bit version.  Right now the thing is updating. but it’s running pretty well with no crashes since the change.

I’ve already put it on sale after i load all my software on it. The reason I can’t use it for myself is because at 32 bits, it wont process my videos in the manner in which i’d like.  I'll add all my software's on it and then sell it to whom ever wants it.

This PC was given to me. I think it was stolen. but i don’t have a clue. the thing is good as new right now.  so far one crash as it relates to memory. i have to figure out if its a problem internally or what not because it recognizes the 2 gigs or ram but i think its deeper than that. if it does it everyday. I'm deeming the pc as useless.

as for ole girl’s pc.. i got that straight too. now she owes me $50. i told her she can pay me when she has it. and if i don’t get it ima be ANGRY! .. j/k.. but i wasn’t going to charge her, yet i need the money.

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