Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Cognitive Awareness of Mine

I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been in and out of the dentist, or should I say ever since I’ve been aware of how bad my dental issues are. I’ve been seeing more Commercials, TV Shows, Documentaries, Pamphlets, as well as  Photos & Videos online of things that relate to dental hygiene.

Every time I’d see the them I’d slightly Cringe because I know that in my reality my grill is bad. I’ve blogged about that before I think… but Just imagine watching a show on Disney or BET and there’s a character who needs to see the dentist, and How those scenes play out.   Now with me going in and out of the dentist. I’ve seen Ads as it relates to protecting your teeth.  Example. I was recently asked to use Act mouthwash and Boom.. I see more ACT ads than anything now.

Of course these ads and shows may play daily. but it’s like, now that I’m getting dental care. I tend to be more aware of the ads that are being played  as well as how often they played.  It also made me wonder if dental offices have their own commercials, because every commercial break was a dental ad. LOL..

Anyway. In my opinion it helps. Yet it’s like I’ve been prone to hear or see the ads, even if it’s by mistake or just something that Happens to be there. I have a tendency to notice these. I guess it’s part due to the fact that it relates to me.

I’m Out for now….

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