Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funny How They Found It Irritating

Bathing in Showers,  Apartments, Potato Chips  ..Among All Things we have that they had to be introduced to…  I find it Amazing that these guys came to America only to see how we behave amongst each other. They Hated that the people don’t speak to one another even if they don’t know them. And the fact that when they Are greeted, folks ask questions that they think is crazy! They were also stereotyped and eventually told not to hang in groups basically because their appearance intimidates people.

That IMO was their Welcome to America. Peoples perceptions & behaviors are different different depending on the Location your in, whether state, city,  all the way down to your neighborhood. I think that Where they were located at the time had an affect on how they were treated.

They were commonly around white Americans in this video. I think think they should have been able to roam in a culturally diverse area. maybe they wouldn’t have been confronted by police and probably even greeted by the folks in the neighborhood.

I find it amazing that they had so many questions to ask that they believe not many could give a valid answer. like  Santa Claus’ of the Birth of Jesus. Those kind of things we look at and think it’s normal. yet everybody doesn’t understand it or if it even serves a purpose.. That’s Generally speaking. not only for Santa Claus but for many things we are accustom to.  

This was a great video. made me smile.

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