Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally We Have Conditioned Air In Here!

After 3 days of Not Sleeping well due to it 90% In Doors. We finally got some air!.  Jackie Chan came over to fix the thing for the second time this summer. I know he was hot in he attack because we were HOT in here and Attacks retain heat.. He seemed not to be up there long. somewhere in between those 3 days i got rest. but I woke up  Sweaty…I got to hop in the tub. I’ll do that later today though. 

It was so hot till we didnt start FEELING the air till the Am hours. Water kept me grounded throughout whole time.  We now have Extra Fans in here too……

One more day till i get some of this dental work knocked off. I still have to see about getting some good toothpaste.  I may start using oral B just because they recommend it.

Yesterday I wrote out “Rock Me Amadeus” This while Bored.

Folks seem to like both pre-versions This particular one is totally complete though.

Lets see. I found some of that Saints Row 2 Music on Mediafire.. Good For Me! THANKS YOUTUBE!..

My Advance SystemCare Pro expired so I got rid of it.  My MSE is now functioning normally. 

I ended Zelda .. I think I mentioned that the other day though…lol I feel like doing it again b4 i head to bed. lol  This time i beat it with Sword Strikes! lol

anyway.. I’m out

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