Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I might as well stay up

I got to head to Practice today. hope I got cliff for a ride. if not. the bus is fine. I’ll be recording today!

Man, Nick Ashford Died… that’s wild to me…I didn’t really read up on it but yeah It’s sad to hear.

Something I wanted to blog about… OH! yeah. a few weeks ago a guy was killed near my brother n laws bar in my old neighborhood. I remember joking around out there with him maybe a month ago. I would have never suspected he had a rap sheet like what was said in the news. It’s sad to see folks dying like that no matter their history is with the law is. 

I find it crazy that the First responses to the report was about having the bar closed, that’s due to it being near  a recreational facility. yet that had nothing to do with the murder. both places function at different hours. when one is open, the other is closed.

I see it like this, Hadn’t the bar been open, They would have still mentioned the block in which it happened on on prompting the same uproar from the “you can’t have this here” advocates.. The Police themselves knew it had no relation to the bar being there. The guy was killed by of an abandoned building. which is adjacent to the bar.  But being that the Advocates against neighborhood bars only saw hundred block address they assumed that the Bar somehow facilitated the incident.. No way!..

No Doubt in many cases Bars draw people who live a street life. but you can’t close an establishment just because somebody gets killed nearby. oddly enough The folks who complain the most about the bars live no where near those places.

this situation was very much different than the countless situations that led to the closing and of that bar on Claiborne earlier this year. that place has had a history of incidents starting IN the place that led to things happening outside.

The Thing is, For May years Murders have taken place in or near of homes, churches, play grounds, work places in the past. and nobody ever screams “Tear it down” unless it’s a bar or club. (or place that serves alcohol)   Many people have gotten killed outside bars in the French quarters. and those same businesses are still up and running… maybe its because its a district catered to adults and not in a residential area where kids go. but the same situations can occur anywhere.

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