Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It’s a different story…

It’s messed up that They do me like that when I'm technically not looking. but I’m good. In the public arena these cats show face. okay I was informed of the new half brass bass horns recently.  but the whole week I was mentioning Tubas pankin’ (yes PANK-ing not planking..lol) and nobody would have assumed that i was talking about Their tuba section..

I knew the horns were to coming for the past 4 months. but now that the word is out they’re sitting back in their private domain discussing how they really feel… i mean It’s not all that secretive my people. I bet they’re looking all on the band site to see if i said anything. I mentioned it directly on twitter. I've made indirect  references on Facebook .. but its not on a band site.

I mean hey, Change is good, Right? Why folks act like this band stuff is secretive. Pine Bluff just got new horns and Those folks had all kinds negative things to say… These cats do something great  I spread the word and  they acting like I’m saying some evil stuff and  I don’t get it…
There’s a Glitch In The Matrix!

I told these cats man, i don’t talk to anybody man, I just get information from the anonymous. sometimes those sources are mentioned others remain anonymous I tend to get every bit of news from anyone and everyone.. usually i wait till it’s confirmed to see if it’s true…. other times.. folks steadily post information whuch confirms what ever info i have have  received.

It’s my duty is to put that news out to the masses.  my only question to those who don’t like it is “Why U Mad?” lol I don’t run my mouth, I just have a habit of reiterating what I’m told… sometimes i could be wrong.  but in the long run my theories are 80% on point in many cases.

I Know Everything, I’m told things without having to ask.. why? because when I do I usually get denied of a legitimate answer. Usually simply because I'm asking a question that i generally know the answer too..LOL  folks tend to post everything on Facebook and twitter.

*** Goes Back To Watching The News on Television***
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