Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just a Thought

With all these years of blogging I’ve come to accept my tendency to say things without being mindful of the fact that i do have an audience. It’s part of the reason I stopped blogging about a lot of things i am involved in, things i may know too much of. or people in general. why? because somehow it all comes back to me in ways that makes me look / feel bad / uncomfortable.

My problem is that I’d say things without clarifying myself to those who may be reading / listening. Sometimes I Misinterpret things and then write about It. and receive negative Feedback… Sometimes i deserve the feedback, other times I feel like I don't. but it’s understandable.

Other times,  Through my blog, Things I say are misinterpreted due to my wording.  and it all comes back to me negatively. usually it’s my fault due to the fact that i haven’t made myself 100% Clear about the subject at hand.

Example. Last year I went to a museum for an event, prior to leaving. I spotted  a photo that i snapped of a man who had passed earlier that year. it was part of a little memorial set up. I was excited to see it in there, so I wrote about it.  But due to how I worded my thoughts, It was misinterpreted by a representative of the museum.

Because of this, I was contacted via this blog as well as holding phone conversation with that person to clarify what it was I had said.  Basically made reference to wanting compensation & Being credited for use of my photos, Not for that particular picture  But generally for photos I take.  But due to That Particular photo being the topic of subject. It was taken as if I was asking (or demanding) to be paid or credited for use of the THAT photo,

The lady was upset, In a way, she seemed to be accusing me of being selfish. That made made me fell bad. she said to me that when she downloaded it from Facebook she didn't see any person to give reference too. She also explained that, in memorials there was no need to give credit to the photographer. I  understood. she also insisted that I should have watermarked it and asked why didn’t I.

I explained That I put the photo on Facebook without one for it to be used publically, I also mentioned to her that 2 publications asked me for permission to use the photo. yet I didn’t get anything from Them and I felt that I should have been notified somehow too because it surprised me in a good way and That was the reason I wrote about it. Other than that. I was cool with it. no Need to credit me..

Yet Due to The Misinterpretation due to my lack of Clarification got me in to “Trouble” so to speak. so with that said. Things like that Have Caused me to be a little more mindful of how I posts.

There are Many things News & Event Related that I wanted to blog about. but being that I haven't necessarily found the words to say about the situations. I have not written about them directly after they had occurred.

But I’ll eventually do so. In a General sense. I don’t want my words to be taken out of context in the future.

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