Monday, August 15, 2011

My weekend was good

Yeah I was up over night between friday & Saturday when at about 7am Jaime rang the doorbell... He and his wife Courtnie had nothing better to do, so they came with to N.O.the quickness.  he and my youngest brother chilled for a while at my nephew’s football camp while Courtney visited her family. I wish he could have stayed for at least 1 alumni practice. …They Left Last night. The dumbest thing happened was… before leaving my brother asked if i would tape the band .. so my older brother was like “what band, josh you in a band?” Me and Jaime were like “Kennedy Alumni” .. my older  brother was like “yall need to leave that stuff alone”   <—dude clearly doesn’t understand the purpose of these things.

On to some other stuff…

At some point this weekend everybody was here, including my Niece’s friends from school. I made Hamburgers and nachos. I wish we would have had French fries. or something. My nephew was also DRIVING everybody about playing The game. lol. They were also on the Mic’s Listening to the radio and doing karaoke and all of that good stuff.. Meanwhile What was i doing, Talking to Kandace and helping her Vote Many times on some things..  Aside from that I was playing Zelda. The  official time is a little under 90 hours so far. I could actually end it Now, but I want to get all the hearts & junk.

Overnight (between Saturday and Sunday)

I recorded some stories Kandace wanted me to Read. I finally Hooked up a Mic. I also Now can do this Podcast thing with Danny as well. I tested the Mic out on Qui, and called also talked to her yesterday while she was in a freezer on her job LOL….   OH THIS REMINDS ME TO GET SKYPE! because it’s what Danny's going to be using. to do this recording. I may register at a podcast host and look some things up,

You should hear the stories i recorded for Kandace though. I sound CRAZY! lol

and for extra points. I lost a few pounds.. yet i’m no where near where i want to be. lol

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