Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Project In Mind

I’m Inches Away from starting a wiki Project on either Wikia or PBworks. Apparently they are the best two wiki services.  I may call Gerard about it to see what he thinks because he’s had the Idea in place for a while but it never took off. hopefully it will.

Basically What I want to do Is have a show  style band wiki which gives The whole 9 yards on what The style of marching band is made of. Even when it comes to Bands themselves.  or maybe even band terminology or notable people in bands. all I have to do is get it started. but first i need to meet with people who are willing and likely able to do it and do it well.

With this being published here it’s likely somebody may see it and capitalize on it. Hey it’s cool with me. there are already marching band wikis. i think its time for one of our own thats totally community based. there to give facts and yet not be “proper”.

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