Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Morning Randomness

First off, I haven’t been to sleep yet. I’ve been doing alot of thinking and Thinking about blogging, but every time the topic is on my mind. I’m not near a PC. Then when I get there my mind goes blank. But I have something now.

Most of this is In Relations to my most recent tweets.

Seems Like them Houston Girls got it going on. Like for real Mentally and Physically. I like that.. Example My girl J’s who’s a Texans Cheerleader is was recently featured on Bossip as one of the 17 Most Banging Black NFL Cheerleaders . Whats crazy is, the link leads to nowhere now  i guess the page got overloaded with otherwise it is a direct link to her pic.

But with that said

Brooke ValentineI’ve found my self recently comparing at least 2 Houston chicks to each other and not for their Singing abilities,  and I Personally feel that Brook Valentine  Who is in the pic to your left. Looks better Than Beyoncé. She’s a singer too not necessarily on Beyoncé's level. but if i had to choose between The two.. I’d chose Brooke.






There’s also a Someone who is not from Houston, nor isn’t a singer, but she IS a dancer and would give both Beyoncé & Brooke a run for their money when it comes to looks, and that is Misty Copeland. That girl has a nice pair of legs!. Pretty too i might add. lol

Yep that’s Misty Over There ==>

Something about Them Dancers! haha!


Twitter’s teamed up with photo bucket now you can upload pic’s directly from Twitter I don’t have a photo bucket so I don’t plan on using that service much. I don’t use any photo service made for twitter,  don’t need it.

YAMS!!.. yes they’re greater than sweet potatoes I found that out from Quisha! She’s got  Big Yams! LOL


Honestly, when it comes to football, I wasn’t really a fan of the sport up until i got out of high school. but I’ve always had a few favorite teams and players.  The Saints have always been one of  my favorite teams ( for obvious reasons).  but over the years due to Video Games like Madden, NFL Blitz and Tecmo Bowl, I’ve learned the sport and watch games.  Same for basketball. I was a Hornets fan way before they came to N.O.  I’m also a Spurs Fan.

On To Something Else

  • I’m still Playing Zelda, It’s been 71 Hours Total now.
  • I see The Blacktop forum’s getting more active. THATS WHY IT’S THERE!
  • I already posted this 2 days ago but i found myself listening to George Carlin
  • I’ve also been getting up on Laws, Codes & Ordinances. I like to Over emphasize on that kind of thing. It makes me wish i would have studied Law.

Cool Stuff to me…

I Found myself Listening to  This

One of my Favorite Songs by Juvenile.  … Motivational in a sense. not the crack & heroine references but it has a message in it no doubt.

Funny that they, as well as those who were on No Limit were the voices of N.O. Hip Hop between 1997 and early 00’s  Reminiscent of what I’d call The Old School Rap of the early 80’s where cats would go turn for turn rapping. We need more of that today.  I mean you have Collaboration projects now days, but you don’t get groups like the Treacherous Three or Sugar Hill Gang these days. Or Even NWA for that Matter.   I’m not going to go on about it. I just felt like stating that

These HBCU Band Groups are the hype of the summer. I’ll be making sure that attention is drawn to during the season! STRATEGY!

According To Wrestling… This is the best thing going on!

  • “The Cult of Personality” CM Punk is the best thing WWE has to offer right now.  The dude goes off the script a whole lot. it’s Great for the show!
  • Alberto Del Rio is great at what he does.
  • Jinder Mahal is going to be a big name someday.
  • The Diva’s are getting tough  Yet Gail Kim Quit, & Melina was released.
  • Other WWE talent were released also.
  • Amazing Red left TNA
  • Ring of Honor will be on Network TV in some states.  they need to get a pyro team or else they’re going to be issuing out a weak product to the Bighead Wrestling fans

I’m Done for now, I got to get to sleepin’

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