Monday, August 22, 2011

Recent PC Stuff.

My Brother In Law’s Cousin wants her PC fixed. I didn’t ask her what’s wrong. I gave her the price b4 I did anything. I need to do that more often. because folks like to Jip me out of paying.  Speaking of that. I have to see if I'm able to connect this hard drive to my PC. or maybe if i can find somebody with a dell Laptop to check these hard drives.

I really don’t want to pawn the thing because It was given to me by someone and I think it’s stolen….They actually gave it to me because they couldn’t find anyone to fix it. now I'm stuck with a “Brand New” laptop that needs to have the CMOS Reset and being that these dells are made funny. I can’t do it, so it’s just setting here.

My Mom got this Samsung Google Tablet Thingy today. I’m not fooling with it. I’m not too big on Tablets.

Tomorrow… Dentist….I hope they make it look good.  Hopefully I have the money i need for this procedure. or else come up with a payment plan or something.

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