Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So I was on the phone with these fools and…

This dude seriously asked me about getting with my Ex. One dude mentioned her, yet the other new it was my ex.. so when one ask, the other played along. So I just was like “yeah yeah” everything ole dude mentioned something about hooking up or getting with her…

Then he asked me “would you be mad if i smashed her?”… THAT is not of my concern .. but don’t come at me like that man these cats know i still care about the chick… I know u JUST saw that recent *yet phony* Facebook relationship status.. now suddenly you both are her friends and are calling me asking about her..

I gave the cat basic information. Yes she’s from N.O. yes she lives in the country, Yes she was a band head, yes she is my Ex. That’s all you need to know. anything else. you ask her..

I need to call her up anyway..LOL!  he asked me to throw him on her .. so i’ll Tell her that he wants her yams…  POW! lol

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