Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Been Saw Me for Who I Am...…..

Who Am I? Like Really!? I just need to know? LOL I don’t know myself. please let me know.

I wouldn’t say that I’m upset. yet I’m disappointed because I could have sworn you were an alright chick. I have never said anything negative about you, yet you give me “The Side Eye” according to BET. LOL
I mean hey, yeah I’m not perfect yet I’ve never held an actual conversation with this chick offline.. all she knows is that I’ve  gotten' myself in to issues with band sites due to mischief online in the past. Now days all these same cats I'm supposed to be  cool with seem to take offense to every opinion i have. even when Its in support of what they do.  But  “… yeah  when u saw me for what i am…” ..smh.. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!.. Oh and apparently I didn’t have a life but I say thing about your band yet you have to come at me personally? shame.

Its crazy because I had like 4448 Facebook friends earlier now it’s down by like 8. yet i did nothing but state what I became knowledgeable of over Twitter & Facebook.  maybe that info wasn’t supposed to be public. yet It isn’t my fault that did go public. yet they want to know how and why I know.  … and because i know, their problem is with me? .. There shouldn’t be a problem with me. at all because I  don't talk to them at all.  it’s Crazy to me…

Seems as as long as i’ve known them, I don’t know them. Yet  They don’t REALLY know me either.

Terrible... I'm bigger than your inner circle.
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