Friday, September 23, 2011

The dude needs to use his brain some times

My Nephew act like he cant comprehend sometimes ..LOL… We have paper plates .. yet he open the dishwasher where dishes are washing to get a bowl…  I heard him opening the washer so I said “I hope you’re using a paper plate” . He replied “I Have One” … so I went in the Kitchen and asked him why didn’t he use a paper plate. He said “I forgot” … smh… I told him that he better wash his bowl too. because he doesn’t clean up behind himself.

an hour before that I asked him to get the cream milk.. he said “I don’t know what that is” … WHAT?!!! SMH!!  dude’s 12….. smh...

Overall he has no sense of home training.. he just responds with a smart remark as if its all okay. but he gets mad and think we’re picking on him for no reason when we yell at him…  smh, he’ll learn one day…..

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