Thursday, September 22, 2011

I wish I would have paid more attention to it.

I’d say that for a while now, I had known of the Troy Davis case. but in the past 3 days it actually became widely know of what was going on  I wish I would have paid more attention to this case earlier. Just state more on how I feel about it.

Troy proclaimed it till the moment he was put executed. Folks were Praying and  hoping for a halt, It was only delayed for a few more hours though..smh.. folks even hoped for Obama would step in to stop it. Maybe he could have said something to halt it, but its likely that it would have upset many people. due to similar situations in the past where presidents haven't granted any clemency.

It’s wild man, The Folks have fought to keep him alive and just when the world began to watch, The State of Georgia decides to Kill him.  Injustice Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  I hope the people of Georgia fight to Stop the death penalty in their state because it’s been an injustice to the innocent.

I also hope that they look deeper in to the case to find the truth. It’s very much possible that the killer of that officer is still out on the streets living his life.  Although it’s too late to save Troy Davis’ Life. To actually have troy be found Innocent long after this date would  make His loss and even greater one.  9/21/11 Now Marks the date of a National Tragedy. Troy Davis was never PROVEN Guilty.  That’s Messed Up…

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