Sunday, September 18, 2011

It’s something I wanted to say….

But I forgot what it was… So I’m gonna be random with this one.

  • Now That The Cats out of the bag, I guess We have rights to talk openly about them.. lol
  • My Body’s been Aching, I would blame playing the horn, but it’s the time of the year where the summer meets autumn, and when it it gets cold, pain happens in my spine and left leg. It happens but I can deal with it.
  • I’m thinking about trading in some old games. including a pc game. I may trade Saints Raw 2 PC for the New SR3 on Xbox. or even sell some Ps2 games.
  • I don’t play xbox but I might as well support my brothers system..LOL
  • My Cousin bought a laptop from the pawnshop. it seemed to work fine, but the power gave out on her in 2 days. the sucka was greatly built yet it had a bad mother board. smh  she got her money back today.
  • Oh I finally got paid from that PC fix I did earlier this month. I’m good
  • I still need to cash a check
  • Yeah man, I’m happier now.
  • The JSU SU game was today.. well yesterday.. Watch the mess… smh..
  • I’ll be watching.. I’ll blog later.
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