Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just When I Thought I’d Get This Phone Thing Straight.

t-mobile_dash_3g_vs_htc_snap_2I get Reverted and Reverted again… Well now that my issue is solved I might as well go ahead and do that. The sad part is…. I forgot.

Saturday I called T-Mobile to ask if they could turn off The Data Services on my phone. I was told that due to my Contract with the service, they can not do that. they could only switch the plan if I upgraded the phone.  I explained that I no Longer wanted Data services simply because I don’t care for browsing the internet on phones. as well as, there are no Cool apps that make this phone any good.  Overall, I’d rather have a cheaper bill… That was the end of that Conversation.

So Yesterday I decided to call up T-Mobile Again to tell them of the other Issue. It was a person with a foreign accent I couldn’t quite catch but she was very kind. the problem is, I had to explain to her over and over that The power button on my Keypad does not work properly. Technically I caused the confusion by saying too much.  about the issue, but I figured she’d understand better if I explained the whole situation.

I told her these things…

  • My Power Button does not work
  • Holding It down sometimes makes the phone go completely off
  • I’m Currently using some random Samsung Phone because I want to know if I can Get the services turn off…

When She Responded … She Wanted to know If I had Any Other Phones that Had Data usage because I can use It… I told her that I have an old blackberry but I had problems with It prior to updating…  Then she asked me if I was currently Using the Blackberry … AHHHH NO..lol..

So She Put me on Hold to se what she can do… .. That Was Nothing ofcourse ..lol ..
Then she came back only to put me on hold again as she transferred me to someone else in technical support.

I talked to the woman In Tech Support, and explained my issue. We Rebooted my Phone as troubleshooting measure. The only thing wrong with that is, I did that before and it had nothing to do with my Issue. So I asked if I could get the phone Fixed or replaced.. She said they don’t cover HTC Phones…. She Gave me HTC’s number..

I Called HTC., Tech Support answered. I told her what was wrong with my phone and who my service provider was.  She explained that they could Fix my phone Free of charge if only I faxed some Data regarding Propf of Purchase (I forgot exactly what it was). but basically, it would allow HTC to fix my phone free of charge…  I was like .. OKAY I’ll try doing that ASAP….

Did I try?… No Because I forgot what it is I was supposed to be trying to get from T Mobile.  I’ll see about doing that and maybe they’ll fix my phone… Other than that. The easy thing to do would be to go to a T-Mobile place and show them that my button is broken, maybe they’ll just give me a phone there… THAT seems to be the smarter thing to do.

Overall,  I mainly just wanted to downgrade my service.. unfortunately I’ll have to ate til next January to do that… at least for a free one. .. otherwise I’d be breaking Contract.

At the end of the day, I’m satisfied with Knowing….

…And Knowing Is Half The Battle

LOL I had to Get that Out!

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