Friday, September 02, 2011

Man, It’s September Already.

As you may or may not know I’ve been attending Alumni band practices and among other things fixing PC’s so I really haven’t had the time to blog. So I’m doing that now… lol… 

I just got through cooking some macaroni. I Haven’t been to sleep in over 24 Hours and I need to take a bath.  There were topics I wanted to talk about but they all slipped my mind.  With that said. I’m currently Listening to music and just relaxing.

In the past  week I’ve helped my Cousin with a highlight video for youtube. I attended the band practices.. paying attention to the storms, and the current one that’s on the path here.  looks like that marsh fire is out now too. you can smell it. smells like freshly burned rubble in some dew. it’s terrible yet amazing in its own way.. There’s tin light of all that. I also uploaded clips from the recent practices. I’ve been too.  I missed last week due to dental work but I sure went this week and it was great!.. I saw a few more folks I hadn’t seen since high school and that’s amazing to me.because that was 10 years ago, we don’t have a school yet were making music together again. 

For some of the people in that room  they’ve been over 15 years off the horns and drums. we’re rusty but the music is there. I should record it more often..LOL! I let someone else record. as you can see I’m on a horn..LOL!

Music’s a great thing man…. aside from those who hold us back we’re moving forward and taking on the world. it’s good for our alma mater. I’d say.

.. With that said.. I’ll go get some rest in a bit.. that’s if I don’t continue to compute ..LOL

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