Sunday, September 04, 2011

Can’t talk to everybody….

about an hour ago I was on Facebook when I got this wall post from Will saying (in these exact words)

dont play yo self uproot cha self, th@ messy stuff got messy folkz killed, n waznt nobody else around.”


At first I saw this, I had no Idea what he was talking about, So I replied “Whats up Boy!”  ..I kinda Assumed it was one of his lyrics or something until he Came Back with this


I Deleted it from my page after I realized it seemed to be a threat. So I sent him a message asking what’s up….I’m currently waiting for him to respond. The irony of it is that right afterwards i got a call from Tramaine.. I didn’t answer.

Sometime between then and now I came to the conclusion that a private conversation got back to him in a way that that made me look as if I was talking badly about him. No.. that’s not the case..

While I was being dropped off home Thursday I was talking to Tony in regard to The cats from our alma mater who marched for TSU and their whereabouts now.. When he mentioned will. I stated my opinion on what the dude is doing.. Maybe I shouldn’t have told him any of it. because now this cat is threatening me because of whatever got back to him. that’s kinda stupid..

I think its crazy that he came at me like that. I’ll just be more mindful when i’m speaking amongst these cats..   The things i said in regard to Will was simple, I said, I hope he cleans himself up because what ever he’s on has him totally out of it, The dude could be somebodies band director right now but that stuff is holding him back..  It’s the truth.. If that got back to him. he shouldn’t be upset. but The way it got back to him was perhaps Told to him in a different demeanor

I even recalled upon a times where he would show up to my house randomly just to chill, he’s be like  and how he’d be when he’s at my door or on the phone….. eventually i had to distance myself the dude because my folks didn’t care for him being around because they were under the impression that i was going to be influenced by what ever he was doing..

no doubt I did tell this to tony. but these cats also Know how he is cause they roll with him too and say the SAME THING about the cat.. my situation with the dude is different because i wasn’t part of their clique in high school. 

On my part. I felt like that  conversation we had was something for quick laughs and nothing really to be taken in.  I understand that Will would be upset to know that he was being talked about in that manner.. Yet they do it too but THEY wouldn’t tell it to his face… so they they bring what I say to him.. that’s messed up..

I now see that I can’t talk to these cats about anything… i mean hey I didn’t roll with them in high school anyway…

As for now I’m waiting for a response …

(time passed since i began this entry)

.. aight.. So He Responded to me message saying

 itz alot going on bruh n honestly im not fa sho how many of my folkz or being my enemy th@ includez u

… I understood…  in this case Most likely he talked to Tony and he’s gonna send me something else due to my reply.. I apologized to the dude for what ever it was told to him  cause i don’t need what ever beef he has with me to get any deeper.. which i know it ain’t beef it’s just a Reaction…

I wrote

”i know i can't take it back. but i do apologize for what ever it was you heard man. I only was recalling on some things that i thought was gonna get a quick laugh. no doubt u probably wouldn't find it funny. but it was nothing big or that serious. .. just being real bruh.”

I was gonna say more, but I’ll wait till next time…  I’m serious.. This dude is no enemy of mine. I just have my view of what he’s doing is not a good thing for him.. who am i to say that? well I’m Nobody important. But due to this. situation i presented before you..  is one reason I do understand why I have to watch m words when I’m talking to folks..

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