Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where Was I when Tupac Died?

I was in 7th Grade at my Jr. High's Back to School Dance. The Theme of the dance was "Picture Me Rollin". When the DJ announced that Pac Died,  that Room became dead. We even had cats cryin' like they knew him. The very next day all the "Alive" Rumors started.what made it worse what that Everybody in the nation started being a Tupac conspiracy theorist, analyzing his past and future videos and lyrics for answers on where he could be. .. it was all in magazines and everything...

Hail Mary and I ant Mad At'cha were Spooking folks out. The stupid part is Because of the conspiracy surrounding his death and new album, folks waited 7 years for Pac's Return.  "They got NOTHING"... Just imagine. this all started before black folks had the internet...lol   aside from that .. his music had folks shouting Killuminati,  Illuminati & Makavelli like they understood what Pac was talking about ...smh..lol,

I guess now that they finally accepted the fact that he's dead they're all saying "RIP Tupac"  even folks who were Toddlers when Pac Died... as if they where fans of him when he was alive (same as Left Eye and Aalliyah fans)… Not saying they don’t deserve the respect but I look at the age ranges of the folks who have these things on their pages and wonder what possessed them to give these shootouts.

I was 12 years old when Tupac died..  and since then, I realized that Tupac & Biggie's Impact on Hip hop is probably the main reason they get these Death commemorations . Yet. you never hear anybody saying RIP Easy-E . maybe it's because he died of AIDs..  yet he had a big influence on hip hop as well... The Main folks that gave him a shout out was my favorite rap group. and that's Bone Thugz In Harmony...

Tupac has no real Impact on my life, Maybe on How I remember Him as it relates to his impact on music, but I really think its crazy how He as well was other artist get their Rest In Peace shout outs from folks who started listening to their music After there death.  Yet there are countless others who Don’t get the same kind of Respect on a mass scale..  an Example would be Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway & Jackie Wilson. they died before I was born. yet they don’t get the same kind of commemorative celebrations..

same as Berry White or Rick James …Although Rick James had a new found fame prior to his death. but he doesn’t get the annual Celebrations like  Pac or BIG.  Folks treat them like they’re kings of the world, and all they had to do was get Shot for it.
I Guess That's Just the way it is.

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