Monday, October 03, 2011

My Weekend Was Great

Now all I need  to do is work on my weekdays.

Friday of course I went to that football game. Saturday I went to help put in an Air Conditioner at my Sisters place. I was supposed to head to best buy  Saturday but my dad drove straight home saying that he was gonna see about it “Tomorrow” smh…

After I got home, My sister asked me if I would take pictures at the bar,  Done That. I was paid for it too. a few folks asked how much I charge, I told a few I don’t. but too many folks were asking. so I just straight up said $175  Simply because my time is everything. I’m not a club hopper, nor a drinker.  so I’m good at staying focused on what I am there to do LOL..

Before that I got a chance to talk to My Favorite Hunnie, haven’t talked to her in a while… glad to have spoken to her. which reminds me, I have to send someone a message…. Man I love talking to her..

Well I stayed up till it was time to head to church. The Irony is that I walked In before everyone got there. I helped Ben Prepare for his first day of service. He was happy, yet frustrated at the same time. I decided to work the camera for him too. Before I got to it, his wife was actually trying to figure out how to turn night vision off. the Irony of it is, only a few seconds into the Start of the service, I found the button off switch and was ready to record. at that point I gave them both the thumbs up! lol

Service It was Amazing.  Turn out was great. I was glad to see some faces from high school, as well as meet new people. It will be great watching the church grow. I will stick to attending.  Next time I’m bringing my Bible with me!.

When I got home, I was thinking about calling my brother to see if he wanted to attend the WWE Event at the N.O. Arena, but I fell asleep …some time between when I fell asleep and the time I got up, I was awaken by my dad who got that bag for me.  he said it was $75 dollars, It was on sale just The day before .. THE DAY I WANTED TO GO!…  I would have gotten it myself but im glad he got it for me. I told him thanks I appreciate it.  It was needed and I’m happy to have it.

This week, I work on pictures & video.. Gotta make strides to succeed..

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