Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What Do You Bring To The Table?

I was watching  Tough Love on VH1, it’s a pretty good show. Basically the host is trying to help find these women a man, while also trying to guide them on how to make it happen. The problem is that these women are all fixed upon there own superficial preferences to the point that they totally refuse to acknowledge their own flaws. this show exposes these woman for the kind of person they are, which could possibly be a turn off to men.

On The show I saw yesterday, The girls went out on dates with men who may or may not fit their taste. in the Midst of there dates. Steve  (the host) decided to Public information about each girl on every TV in the bar. The Girls were all embarrassed behind their Extra Baggage  being displayed…

Much of the things shown were of things women would not have said or shown to any person who walks in to their lives.  All Things like Naked Pics , Facebook pictures, stuff from past relationships,  Past occupations, Mug shots, Twitter/Facebook posts  etc.…  I LOVED IT!

The women all hated being put on the spot like that, but they were in a position where they were going to be regardless of the situation. They all felt like It shouldn’t have been displayed publically, saying it wasn’t the proper time & place for stuff like that.

Why are these women single?.. Well Steve basically called them their own worst enemy… LOL

When they got feedback from the guys who dated them. most were pretty okay. with the women. but there were a few things that some of them didn’t like about the women of the house.

  • Bridgette  had racy photos Online, but the guy she dated was pretty okay with her. He later visited the house for extra time with her
  • Chasity Thought she connected pretty well with the guy she was with. He was turned off by her profession in GoGo Dancing.  - She Felt like CRAP.
  • Jane Cried about her Mugshot being shown, the guy didn’t think it was that bad because he was open minded about the situation. basically she had a bit of a wake up call. saying “we all have issues” … HA! cant take the heat yet you want someone to accept you for who you SAY you are.
  • Leilani Refuses to accept that she’s got superficial standards. and her date didn’t care for it either because she couldn’t get past those things in the conversation.
  • Avonte, is Straight forward about what she NEEDS. her problem’s that she does not care if she insults someone. she feels that if the person cant take it, and or Correct her up front if she’s wrong.  he’s not a man in her eyes. She also thinks it’s funny. yet she’ll never get what she “NEEDS” if she keeps it up.  Basically Steve told her if she’d rather have somebody to be abusive and treat her the way she treats men. she could go and be somebodies “Other Woman”.

I thought that was wild. I’ll likely be showing that to a friend of mine later on today.

After Watching The Show (episode 2 to be exact)

  It made me think and ask the  question myself; “ What do you bring to the Table?” … Not only for the women I may encounter, but for myself as well. We All have personal issues that we may not share with everyone up front. Much of it is due to the fact that nobody wants to be rejected based on their issues.

With that said,  If you can’t share your world with the person you’re dating or are in a relationship with. You’ll likely break up.

I Myself am pretty much an open book about the thinks I like or dislike. or the things I do or may not do. I also have high expectations, and a number of Preferences that woman have called me “too Picky” about.  Yet, I’m not where I Should be or want to be in my own life.

I even question myself about How could I want a certain kind of woman, when I’m not what I may perceive to be. Also With myself being a Fat dude it’s hard to find a woman willing to talk to me. It’s also why I’ve settled for being in the friend zone in many cases with women I may like, or may have liked. Sometimes I think that Maybe if I were to live up to my own expectations and standards I could find a woman with a head on her shoulders.

If you have no legitimate reason for why you can or can’t be with someone. you need to check yourself. There’s got to be more substance Beyond who you are up front.


Sometimes you have to let go of your outlandish preferences to get what you NEED. I for one always look at the Crazy side of things first, then I think to myself what could I live with. Someday we’ll all have to settle for something. You tend to lose out when you’re worrying about the wrong things.

I Myself don’t want a woman with Kids / Tattoo’s or weird piercing That’s rare. will I find her.. probably not. I’ll have to settle for something I don’t like. it’s things like that Everyone has to come to terms with.

I remember reading so many unreal tweets Twitter tweeting to a trending topic called  “reason we cant be together”  so I started adding my own. and someone replied “Well what Is it do you Like?”. She though was Funny too. because I was giving reasons that made NO sense.

In reality. my preferences are not outlandish. maybe I am picky regarding what a woman looks like, but if there’s nothing beyond looks, then It’s she’s non applicable I just had to say that..

To end this now, I’ll just say that I’ll continue to watch that show though I’ll be back with more on this subject. lol

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