Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nine years ago around this time

I was walking around wobbling in pain with a broking back. Every now and then I feel pain but it’s nothing to keep me down. the only thing I regret about it all is the fact that I gained  60 pounds since then. I would like to lose that same 60 someday. Hopefully that time will come in my future.

When It comes to working, it’s the reason I refuse to do Hard Labor. I do not want to reinjure my back. I think it  got messed up from complications of over activity without actual self control while in middle school.   I could recall a number of things that made  it happen. but I won’t acknowledge them just yet. … In fact I will.

I’ve always had a problem with my left leg, I was never able to acknowledge it as a problem until i started asking around in high school. But Here are a few of the things that I either overlooked or it forced me to acknowledge the issue… or at least things i recently remember that may have caused the issue to worsen.

  • Playing Football in the Project Courts

Everybody new That I had a weak leg, they (nor I) knew I had a weak back.. so they used the leg thing to their advantage..  and knock me down with random leg taps basically.

  • Getting Randomly Tackled In Middle School One day

Back when I was in Middle school, there was this “game” the bigger guys used to play because they thought it was funny. That was to Tackle people at random, without warning. I was one of their Victims. I remember not being able to get up on my feet a minute after that  happened

  • Playing Wresting In Middle School

One of my past time favorites which may have caused the injury to worsen.  We used to do this all the time. the bad part is, As a fat dude, folks would jump all over me at once… I don’t necessarily remember being “down and out” after a Match.. or after a random “happening”

  • A Jumping Bag Incident

Back in the day, I used to jump around in those things like No tomorrow when we had them at partys.. doing front flips,.back flips.. side flips.. FLIPPY FLIPS! lol.. and one day I Do remember stopping because my lower back started to feel funny..  That was the day I stopped jumping in them forever.. I believe that this incident was the trigger for what was to occur later in my life

  • A Biking Accident.

One day While Riding my bike by the Museum In City Park, I Hit a Parked Car  after the Wind Blew My hood over my face.. (yeah go ahead and laugh, i do to when i think about it) … While Laying there for a while, A skater walked by and asked me if I was Okay…  I was riding along with my brother and a friend of ours. They came to check on me as well.  I got up maybe a minute later and kind of apologized to the man who's car I hit. (he was sitting in his vehicle) .. I rode home but I felt crazy, so I went to lay down.

…Crazy Right? ..I know..


i started playing sousaphone in middle school, We were always asked to run with our horns, or do crazy exercises with or horn in our hands a few times I did outrageous thins with the horn like Back Bends. at least until the day The horn fell completely apart. while we were practicing a field show. One of the things that Triggered my acknowledgement of injury was while duck Walking up a Ramp.. I was in 8th grade. The Junk hurt badly, I cried…

There was also a number of times where I’ve did exercises ups in high school, and my leg completely gave out…  yet nothing was ever wrong when we ran…  Everybody knew I walked funny in high school. they used to say i walked like Mankind from the WWE. ..smh… But it was true. Little did they know that I was IN PAIN. and I lived


It wasn’t Until After I Graduated when I started to Feel it more and more, and I started walking extremely badly a point where I never left the house. some time that summer, I went to see a physician.  They though i had a form of Scoliosis, that wasn’t the case. After going to the hospital I found that it was a Pinched Nerve causing all that pain. All due to a herniated disc. I got it repaired nearly 5 months after finding it out, that's the crazy part. 

After getting it repaired I was told to lose weight as well as to do Nothing that could cause it to get out of place. I was 240 Then, I’m 300 Now. Shame right?…. a time after that I tried to get social security. Didn’t happen. so I just didn’t work at all…  When Katrina Hit. It slipped my mind to even think about telling people of that situation first hand. Why? because I had a Job. and after that I got in school and joined the band. I told folks about my issue but still, it didn’t hinder my performance. .. well maybe a little but not causing pain.

I was not supposed to do that stuff at all.. But I’m glad i did take that chance. I don’t regret it, but i DO owe the school some change, Hopefully someday I’ll be able to pay it all within the next 2 years.

but back to my point…  Folks don't understand that I still deal with the Complications of pain as it relates to the  surgery and the problem itself. sometimes I wake up in pain and wont move because of back strain. or because just like now, The weather’s gone back to cold temperatures.  and it all falls on my lower back… when it hurts i do nothing.. and since i’ve been back in N.O. I’ve done just that… Nothing… It’s time for me to make moves and stop worrying about my back though. Live like a man my age is supposed to be living.

Sometimes I wish other folks could feel my Pain.

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