Sunday, October 23, 2011

To That Girl Rite There


Hey there, How are ya! it was great to see you again today. I really wanted to talk to you face to face about this but I didn’t want to break your concentration from the team or anything. (yet i know i could have talked to you, but i just would have felt funny doing that in front of them folks………)   But really though…  Just to get directly to the issue.

      Honestly, I’ve tried my best to talk to you and I feel like you’ve been ignoring me, it’s gotten me upset and maybe I shouldn’t be. and If I’m wrong for jumping to conclusions Then I apologize.

      Out of respect, I keep my distance to allow you to live your life. I know you’ve got your squad, schooling, and every thing in life that you go though and deal with daily. and also I know that you have your social life, your family and friends and even dating for that matter .. it’s all good with me. you got to live your life. and I want you to be happy. But I also want to have you to talk to.

     I just hope that you understand that I care about you dearly and its the reason I wrote about my feeling here in the first place. They’re just that.. Feelings. With that said,  I feel that it could be beneficial to both of us if we continue to communicate on a normal basis.  it’s all i ask of you.. hopefully we can act upon it.

That’s what friends are for…

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