Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Need to Pay Me Back

You Know, There are a number of people who owe me money, In some cases I’ve asked about it after prolonged situations of not worrying about it. Some have even reminded me that they owe me and have offered to repay when they have it. and then there are those who I do things for and I never get anything in return.  Usually I’m the one coming out of my pocket with the greater expense. yet I’m never paid back or even thanked at times.… I’m Easy Access, and I do Need the money, but you know what.  They don’t need to pay be back…

It’s on my mind now simply because I’m thinking of it, it’s why i’m writing here now. but otherwise I don’t even care anymore. Why?, Because I’ve got a feeling that I' may prosper in a wealth of some kind  I just have that feeling. Hopefully  what ever that is I’ll be into and eventually reap the benefits. In my hopes I’d say It beter be financial. other than that. It would be great if it was a Physical or even mental refresher. Hopefully a good wind blows in my direction. I will succeed!

Note From The Book

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