Saturday, October 15, 2011

Randomness Saturday 3:30 am

  • I lost 10 Pounds on the "They Ain't Got No Real Food In This House" Diet.
  • I Think It’s a great thing too
  • I finally put those pics up from That Event.
  • I’m still backtracked
  • I haven’t given this folks pics they asked me to do yet.
  • I was paid for it but I have to get those back to them.
  • No Like I was upset today.
  • But From what I see, I aint the only one..LOL!
  • I’m A Beast with it…
  • Here’s a Sign..LOL


  • I’ve decided to renounce my throne.
  • I have fun being random .. Signs that I’m not Serious at all
  • Sometimes It’s A bad thing.
  • I need a good female in my life.
  • I think I’m good with all my hunnies though.
  • Am I Done… yeah… LOL

I’ll Be Back

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