Friday, October 14, 2011

Now That The Experiment is Over

I Can go back to being Me… lol

Basically, I made a few Calls and Text to random chicks I know and I got abrupt responses and even held long conversations.  Yet I’ve steadily been ignored by Her…. Now She’s in N.O. but I bet she won’t contact me.  At this point. I’m done.  I think its pretty messed up. I sent her a text this morning at 1am. over 12 hours have pasted I could have gotten something by now. I’m just saying.

At this point I’m done.. I’ll leave the pic up for a while. but that’s all. It’s not worth a try if I can’t get anywhere trying to communicate with her.  Even if I sent her a letter she wouldn’t respond. WHY?!

I talked to a friend of mine about it. in fact. 2 of them and I basically got the same thing out of them. and you know.. I think I’ll just leave it alone.

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