Friday, October 14, 2011

And I’m Here

I’m actually waiting for my nephew to come over. I might as well start on these videos. It’s very hard to sit here inside and be unoccupied when I could be at somebodies football game having a good time. especially in light of what’s going on with me mentally right now.

I believe That now’s the time to let the past stay in the past, Long for the future rather than Nostalgia. because what once was is no more and likely will never be again. I tend to ask myself, Why Do I Even Try? …but I get nowhere. Talking to folks help, but it’s limited.  I know It’s crazy that I’m still on this subject, but it matters to me just that much.
Earlier I mentioned that I talked to two People. One of Them was Mike, A Friend of a Friend my buddy JJ who I tend to socialize with online regarding band / dance.  I told him of the issue, hen asked something that made perfect sense.  It was Just A Rhetorical Long winded Question / Statement. I’ll probably mention this tonight to Jo too. 

That Question was this: Why is it that I can easily Communicate with one of the Hottest Former NFL Cheerleaders on Average, but I can’t reach my Ex? I could sent a Fax, Email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook. Sign Language EVERYTHING to JJ and she’d  respond abruptly, Why? because she’s a good friend.  At the Same Time I can not get though to Bethany when I really want to talk to her because she will not respond.

 It makes me want to distance myself from her, unless she calls me or something. I’m tired of being shunned in light that she actually travels here (and is here today). Yet you can’t even Talk to me? She Didn’t even contact me to say she was in town.  So Much for Trying to be a friend, Right?

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