Monday, October 31, 2011

Probably wasn’t meant for me to go

Grooveshark never sent the tickets I won to Voo Doo Experience. But That’s okay, I was good all day. It wasn’t a place for me. I was able to eat out with some friends after church. as well as catch some items on sale at Walgreens too! I think that it was a good day in my opinion.

Now I have to work on some footage to put on DVD since “The Fool” finally  was used his money to get something. Just thinking of all the money I recently spent on him. The sad part is that he feels that he does things FOR ME when that’s NOTHING compared to what I do for FREE… crazy how it brings me back to that area of the bible I read earlier. but I won’t mention it here.

I see things happening in my favor in the upcoming months. Shout out to Jesus on that note!

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