Monday, October 31, 2011

Feeling Good.

After talking to Ben earlier today (technically yesterday) about how a facebook friend (Aaron).. asked about Luke 14:26 because he did not understand it.. So I looked it up.. I explained to him my point of view … Then to get a better understanding I read the whole chapter. it was revealed to me that what I had told to Aaron was written in the same context directly  at Luke 14:33  when I informed Ben of This.. He replied, “WOW That’s The Living Word”.

That was so Amazing to me that I had to Keep reading, until I ended up reading through 4 Chapters. It was very refreshing. A few of the stories I had already heard.  some were more revealing in incline with the chapter I had started out reading. it was a great Revelation to me as it also connected to myself as a child remembering hearing these  and reading the stories. But to have the knowledge that I have now and reading it all is very Refreshing!

As I read Aloud to my mom, I was Feeling it because it made me feel good that I have this light of God within me!  It feels good, I must continue!.

What was wild to me about it all is that, throughout each situation, God told  stories to these people as example of why you should believe in him and respect him. why you should respect the laws. it went even into the ideas of the beginnings and the ends. very Refreshing.

The Irony of it all is that It even relates to some of the things Ben spoke on in church a few weeks back… it goes to show you that the word is Re-occurring and Reassuring.

I had a great time discussing these chapters with my mom. It made me feel good. I have to read more to get more. it feels good to read  and understand. it’s a Great feeling to experience God In action!

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