Monday, October 17, 2011

We Are Aware of the Madness, But Are We Really Stopping Anything?

   We as a people tend to march in or rally support of things that eventually become movements. mainly it’s all to show awareness of  that which we care about or could care less about whether socially, politically, Nationally, locally etc.

     There are the Occupy Everything movements, This month we had National Night Out Against Crime; There’s also  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  people are rallying,  marching or doing things to support the cause, Why? basically to show they care.  But what does it really do aside from giving folks a false sense of true community activism or self-worth for that matter.

    For example. Night Out Against Crime was supposed to be a day to NETWORK with your neighbors, law enforcement and city leaders. by holding meetings to discuss what can be done to prevent crime & violence in the city or  on your streets. that’s The LEAST you could do as a community.

     Truth is, On a large scale, all that goes on is a big party, concerts and music and fun. which is all good for the kids, but to EDUCATE as they play or have fun would make the situations better.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: You wear pink to show that you’re down for the cause. But are the proceeds of your pink purchase going to the research for a treatment or cure? … No, you don’t know?  well, why wear pink?  …If you’re going to acknowledge the month, you might as well make a donation rather than going to get a pink outfit from the store..

The key word in "Activism"  ACT means DO SOMETHING TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE!.

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