Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Light of All That Is Good.

     I was given the honor of being able to the very beginnings of a new church of a friend of mine, Pastor Ben Andrew. It’s amazing to see how the brother has grown in Christ and is now feeding the people the word of God.  During the first service, I took it upon myself to work their camera. They were in a rush to begin and were kind of frustrated as well for a first day. It was a big day & a great day as well. 

      Last Sunday I was on a roll with my camera, I had a few issues with recording on my Tripod so I invested in a Monopod. and today I’ll be able to test that out by attending my nephew’s football game. which reminds me that I have something i need to do!. .. but first I must continue…

I Recorded the full service basically and folks are demanding More! I’ve even had a few bad seeds sprout within my recent postings to say negative things.  Example, yesterday a Satanist subscribed to me on YouTube. The irony is that just today a man of God added me on Facebook Crazy, but it is what It is.   Hopefully my YouTube postings will change the lives of somebody.  I’m just glad to know that They appreciate it.

         Between The Start and now, Benjamin and I have talked via Facebook / Phone as it relates to Us (his friends) being there in support of him. I told him that I’m glad to see that they’re also here. but I hope they get something out of it, not only doing it because we were all High School Friends, but coming to church to learn to better their relationships with God.

       Same goes for me, Because Ben Knows that I really haven’t been a church goer since childhood. I Attended Apostolic Outreach Center  (AOC) as a child, but there was a point where we eventually stopped going as a family, much of that was due to transportation.  but by the time was old enough to make that decision to attend by my own means, I didn’t go.

     Even up to 6 years ago while living in Texas I had my reasons and excuses for not attending church. I’ve even written about it in past blog entries.  much had to do with travel, Other times I've said that i don’t “need” church due to how it was thrown upon me.  I was Lying to myself, I needed church then as much as I WANTED it  when i was a kid…  so, now i see them all as excuses.

     Although I still consider AOC my home church due to the things I’ve learned there. I’m glad to be a Member of the Hospital of Grace Christian Church, Not Only because The Pastor is a friend of mine. But because The church is easy access, and It’s of the same denomination as AOC which is Pentecostal.

      Aside from that, I have a great hope in the future of this church and it’s likely I’ll still be a member years from now.  For me, Being able to attend  is wonderful.  Especially when you’re able to openly converse about God with the fear of rejection from your peers. as well as meeting new people within the house of God, t’s like a renewal of my faith. or new beginning of a Journey, A Refresher if you will.

I’m Glad.. That’s all I really have to say about it!

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