Sunday, November 13, 2011

And I hope he tells his momma

So My Nephew decides to go ahead and do what he always does.  That is, pretend to be clueless when he does something stupid.  Today. As always when he’s washing clothes. He took my Clean cover out of the washing machine and Sat it on The Dirty Clothes Bucket.  .. I went in the room to check he washer.. Nothing’s there. I checked the dryer His Clothes are in there.. My Clean cover which i had in the washer earlier.. was still wet…

So what I did was Neck’em  .. He starts yelling at me  (because he takes it as if we’re picking on him) ..He stood up and had his Hand up. so i pushed him .. yeah he was mad and tried to walk off ..i slapped him on his back…  i told him to stay in the room he went in.. but he came out and  grabbed me and flung me off him.. so now my arm is bruised. but that’s nothing… I know he feels played  His mom came to get him for practice about 5 minutes after that … and I hope he tells her. because she likes to take up for him. I need to explain to her why I did it. as  I am going to in the next paragraph.

Basically. The boy habitually does things that we ask him not to do. and when you ask him nicely, he makes a smart remark because he thinks it’s funny. He’s 12 he shouldn’t be Talking back to me  nor any other adult like that. It’s the same reason he gets in trouble in school every week. He takes it as if we pick on him. so he tells his mom we are.

as for me. I’m  tired of telling him what he should be doing, he should know better by now.  Maybe if he did something right I wouldn’t have to do that. it’s not something I like to do I just HAD to..  it’s likely he has a bruise on his back.. but oh well that’s on him now.

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