Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Follow up 2 days later

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but here goes nothing.

The day I whacked my nephew, I got a phone call from both my Sister & my Momma.  My nephew told my sister what happened exactly.  he also said he felt bad for “iffin’” at me. he really felt like hurting me… and well, The bruise on my arm basically is enough to say YES I AM HURTING ..LOL…

But he’s 12, I really didn’t want to hit him hard like I did.  but I felt that he needed it because of how he reacted to me the the first time I hit him.  aside from His issue when I hit him is that he thought I was just picking on him for nothing… at least that’s what he told his momma.  

My thing is generally is that. we should not have to tell you something that’s common sense. which Eventually I did the thing myself. but if you’re gonna Wash clothes, don’t set something Straight out the washer Back on the dirty clothes .. Put it in the DRYER! .. that’s the smart thing to do.

Yeah I was wrong for slapping him so hard, but I felt that he needed it because he never listens.

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