Tuesday, November 29, 2011

But I Don’t Know Your Name

I hate it when this happens, but it’s a Recurring Thing with me Somebody who just doesn't fit anywhere near the description of the person I’d rather be with. walks in to my life and forces themselves on me.  and as much as I hate to turn folks down. It’s got to happen eventually.

After being up at some crazy hours about 2 days ago. I got a message & Friend Request from a woman who attended my Alma Mater, She Graduated the year before I did (after being Kept back of course). Her message wa a simple Greeting “Hey, Long Time, No See” Message. 

I Responded with  “I’m good Trying To Live, What’s up with ya?”  At This point She Asked me for my Number, &  If I was single, because she’s looking for a God Fearing Man …. I WAS LIKE WHOAAAAAAAAA!  It took me nearly a day to respond to that…

Initially My First thought was Okay That’s ALL ME, but I don’t Know Your name. At the same time I’m not Attracted to you at all.. But I gave her my number anyway because I didn’t want to just Ignore her.

Please note: I did not personally know her. She’s somebody from my area who I used to see around the school.. Never Spoken outside of “Hi & Bye” until NOW.

So she called and we were on the phone for nearly 2 hours.. I swear I was bored She asked me what I thought of her, I told her The Truth, it startled me a bit..She asked if I was single, I told her Yeah. but not  currently interested in a relationship (at least with her) …   after all, she was only REALLY looking for somebody to Talk to by phone or Chill with.  I have no Problem with that.  What I do have an issue with is the fact that we talked for 2 whole Hours and our conversation was not productive.

We Talked up until her phone died and all I got out of it was boredom It’s likely she’ll call today and bore me some more. I don’t want to be mean and tell her that I’m just not Interested in her in any way. but that’s how I feel right now. 

Aside from that, according to that conversation. We’ve got nothing in common. She's not my Type at all.  She Drinks, She smokes, She has Tattoo’s and is physically challenged….i know that's harsh but That’s just how I see her.   I’m Sorry Chuck Woolery but there’s no Love Connection Here.

Sometimes I wish somebody I find attractive would walk into my live and actually like me .. Not a desperate one though ..lol For some reason it always seems like the ones aiming for me are in despair. I hate to be the one to Hurt somebodies feelings. so i had to let her know that I wasn’t Interested.

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