Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nothin’ Really

I Didn’t go to the Battle and I wont be going to the Bayou Classic game either. For the first time since 2003 I’ve missed the Battle, Pre 05 I didn’t attend the game. so it doesn’t phase me.

I wanted to attend, but there were some changes with the handling of Press passes, therefore The Sport was only able to receive one pass. Normally I was given the 2nd pass.  Same for the battle.  But In a way I’m glad I didn’t go. Simply because folks feel the need to  be rude with me as if Im obligated to posting footage or doing things at their convenience.

I was told that this years battle was boring also, which was expected. but I still did want to be there to capture the footage. and If I’m not there to work, I don’t need to be there. I know folks were asking about me. But hey I’m glad I had the chance to rest.

I have the Thing I wanted as well as a summons for Jury Duty. I hope that goes well. I’m on board to getting my teeth done too, all I’m waiting for is El-Checko! lol

God’s Good.

Not From The Book

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