Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I needed to get here for the moment.

I got my hair cut today, feels really good too. I haven’t posted a pic of it on facebook. but I did post one from the party with my fro. speaking of that party. I’m still not done with the Pic’s from my mom’s party but everybody’s expecting them.

I can’t do it because my mom’s on the main PC. .. she say’s im taking to long, but she’s on the PC where I do all the work.  She even printed some that weren’t edited yet. Im like AAAAAAAAAAAAH!  I don’t see why Folks always rush me. these things take time. Not saying that my mom is rushing me (because she’s not.) But she sure couldn’t wait to print them. LOL .. I’ll be done with that tomorrow.

Just ordered a Mic for the Vixia. was it needed, probably not as much as I needed that light. but I’m okay with it though.

Oh Man..  Boxing Legend Joe Frazier  & The Overweight Lover Heavy D both died.  That’s wild to me… When I found that out I had to throw this song on…

The Irony of me posting that on facebook is that Cliff (of Cliff’s Crib) posted on facebook that It was one of Heavy D’s greatest tunes.  ..It’s one of my favorite tunes for sure.

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