Monday, November 21, 2011

After All These Years I’m Still….

on Marchingsport, I’ve been a Member since 2002 officially, but I’ve known of the site since 2001.  the site has brought me a lot of joy. A lot of friends. a lot of enemies Laughing out loud  and a whole lot of everything.. as MJ would say. It’s just another part of me.  

I’ve Spent 10 good years Moderating / Administering the Msport sites, and I appreciate G. Howard for all he’s done for me as it relates to that site and beyond.  Because of Him. I get to do some of the things I love. some things I never thought I’d do. and it’s gotten me pretty much popular.  like a band head celebrity or something.

Lately though I haven’t been “on duty” 100%, Finding myself busy on other projects that exist and are in the making.  I’ve slacked up on posting on the site, but I still do administer it. it’s Not necessarily a feeling of  Withdrawal, but I think it’s now The only reason I’m there normally is because I love the bands.  Other than that. I really can’t sit there all day like I used to because the environment has changed.

My issue is that the entertainment factor for me has weakened.  I guess it’s because of the fact that I’m getting old…   One of my prime duties is to help keep the site afloat. and I’m trying to promote the community aspects of  the site,  It’s hard because it seems as though I’m talking to myself. 

I don’t know right now man.. I guess what I’m saying is … If it wasn’t for Marchingsport, I think I wouldn’t be as big of a bandhead as I am today… crazy to say, but true…. I’ll end this here for now..

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